belfast cookbook club

A club of like minded foodies with one goal – choose a cookbook, cook the recipes and have fun!

Our Cookbook for May ’17 is…

Our first cookbook club in a very long time took place last night.  We cooked, we ate, we chatted, we drank our free wine (thanks Dillon Bass!), and we discussed … Continue reading

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We’re back!

Well… here we are… it’s been a while!  How the bloomin heck are you? It’s about time we got together… How does Tuesday 18th April sound?  We meet at Belfast … Continue reading

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A Modern Way to Cook

She has been billed as the new Nigella but we think (whispers) that she is much more! Her last book was our book of the year, and Anna Jones has … Continue reading

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It simply must be – Simply Nigella

Yes I have been selfish – Nigella is still my favourite.  She is my ‘go to’.  It’s just so easy to follow her recipes and I get it straightaway and, … Continue reading

October 20, 2015 · 28 Comments

Bagsie List – The Food Of Italy

Ok so mamma isn’t going to make it (well apart from Jennie’s!) so it’s up to us to bring The Food of Italy to Belfast… So get bagsie’ing cookbookclubbers!

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Here is the link that you have all been waiting for!! Don’t delay, there are limited places 🙂 You can buy a ticket to come to our Charity Birthday … Continue reading

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We’re Gonna Party Like It’s Our Birthday.. on Sunday 17th November!

Well here it is.. the information on our Birthday Bash that you have been waiting for!! Date          Sunday 17th November 2013 Time          6pm Location   20 -22 Belmont Road (where Happy Angel was) Cost           £15 … Continue reading

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We’re Gonna Party Like It’s Our Birthday!!!

WE ARE ONE!!!! So what better way to celebrate than a supper club for our very lovely cookbookclubbers, their family and friends and all of our supporters!  AND we hope to raise … Continue reading

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Everyone Loves a Quickie! Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals

IAMWRITINGTHISREALLYQUICKLY,CHALLENGEDTODOITIN15MINUTES!!! That’s the idea! 15 minutes, bish bash bosh – delicious, nutritious, super fast food!!  The cookbookclubbers took on this challenge like a hare racing a tortoise. We all know the … Continue reading

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Kids Only Cookbook – Our First Kids Cookbook Club

I’m sure there are many who think cooking with kids extends to rice krispie buns, the occasional cupcake or stirring risotto.. if you are one of those people .. buy … Continue reading

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Little Paris Kitchen – September’s Cookbookclub with a French Twist

Bonjour!! *kisses left cheek, kisses right cheek, kisses left cheek again* With the weather changing we thought we would like to take a trip to Paris with Rachel Khoo and … Continue reading

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Mystery Box Challenge

August’s cookbook is Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals and I’m thinking we are going to have a bit of spare time on our hands.. Now I enjoy a game of scrabble … Continue reading

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Kids Cookbook Club is nearly here!!

Can’t believe it’s nearly here! On Tuesday, we are having our very first Kids Cookbook Club and I thought the big kids would like some more information on what we … Continue reading

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Announcing … Kids Cookbook Club!!

Well you asked for it and here it is!! The first kids cookbook club is taking place at Belfast Cookery School on Tuesday 20th August at 6.30pm Our very good … Continue reading

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What Katie Ate (and photographed) – June’s Cookbook

  For most of you reading this, my analogy will be a misty memory from the past, but do try to keep up (only because I can’t think of another right … Continue reading

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July’s Cookbook

Whilst wearing a scarf, coat, jumper and using an umbrella in JULY – we thought the only way we would get some sunshine into our lives, was to cook it in! What better way to … Continue reading

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Read all about it!!

Yes cookbookclubbers we made it into the Belfast Telegraph (well some of your heads did – but not in a Gok Wan way)! Thanks to Amanda Ferguson for covering our … Continue reading

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June’s Cookbook

With the Gok v Wahaca cookoff completed, we are no sooner mopping up the lime juice and putting away the soy sauce that we have picked June’s cookbook! It’s What … Continue reading

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Polpo – A Venentian Cookbook of Sorts

Not sure if I mentioned..(yes you did) doubt I did.. (yes, you did) haven’t really mentioned it.. (about 10 times) but I went to Venice recently (yes we know) 🙂 … Continue reading

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Gok v Wahaca Cook Off!

The world of the cookbookclubbers is a very fickle place.. Fickle and it would appear, dare I say it, needy! Having had the attentions of Nigella, Nigel, Sami, Wahaca etc … Continue reading

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Get Your Bake On (part one)

Yet again the cookbookclubbers blew it out of the water with their creations! We arrived at The Open Source building, a performance space, music venue and workshop hub bringing life … Continue reading

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Testing. Testing. 123

We received our mission. We accepted it. The elite crew were assembled but didn’t know the objective until they arrived at the designated meeting point at the designated time.. ok … Continue reading

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Get Your Bake On!

  Cookbookclubbers!! Prepare to ‘Get Your Bake On’ this Tuesday 7th May 2013 at 5pm, 25 Donegall Street, Belfast. As part of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, we are taking … Continue reading

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Jerusalem – February 2013

You know that episode of Friends (giving away my age here) when Phoebe can’t make it to the wedding in ‘London baby!’ and then everyone comes back and they have … Continue reading

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January’s Surprise Tasting – Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil

The lucky cookbookclubbers got to take part in a very special tasting of Broighter Gold’s new infused rapeseed oils.  At this stage they were still in the making as the lovely Leona brought 3 … Continue reading

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Forgive Me Cookbookclubbers

Forgive me cookbookclubbers for I have sinned, it has been two cookbooks since my last posting! How did this happen?  Me!?  I never shut up!  That, I suppose, is for … Continue reading

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January’s Cookbook

Out with the old and in with the new.. and we have a new cookbook! It’s Real Fast Food by Nigel Slater … Oh it’s a bit different from Feast … Continue reading

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A Veritable.. Feast – Nigella Lawson

Firstly, apologises for the late posting cookbookclubbers, have been a little under the weather with the Christmas lurgy.. and not to mention the fact that I believe I got my … Continue reading

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Calling all New 20th December Cookbookclubbers!!

Well if Monday night was anything to go by, we really are going to enjoy a ‘Feast’!  The food was outstanding! Thought it would be good to give you some … Continue reading

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Cookbook Swap

Do you have an unwanted cookbook?  Do you wish for someone that could give it the home it deserves…?  Someone to care for it, cook from it, and really give you … Continue reading

November 27, 2012 · 3 Comments

How’s it cookin?!

We now have our 34 cookbookclubbers!! With only 20 days until our first club meets, we are all trying to find dishes to cook from Feast… Oh it’s a toughie … Continue reading

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December’s Cookbook

Well goodbye Everyday.  Hello Feast!! Nigella’s Feast was triumphant in the poll, with the obvious Nigella fans bringing it over the line in a closely run race with Nigel Slater’s … Continue reading

November 19, 2012 · 6 Comments

They Came, They Cooked, They Consumed and They Critiqued!

What happens in Cookbookclub stays in Cookbookclub? As if!  A group of 17 twitter foodies at our inaugural cookbookclub night .. this was never going to stay low key!  What … Continue reading

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Once the copies of Everyday finally arrived – the cookbookclubbers got cooking! We have had a great selection of recipes tried and tested – favorites seem to have been the baked chicken … Continue reading

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Thursday 8th November 2012 – River Cottage Everyday

Hello Cookbookclubbers!  So this is it! The first cookbook… I realise it’s maybe not as sexy as one would have wished for our first cookbook but as I get to … Continue reading

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The First Cookbook

The lucky 17 have been selected, the question now on everyone’s lips … what will be the first cookbook of cookbookclub? Will it be ‘White Trash Cooking’ by Ernest Matthew … Continue reading

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The Introduction

Where else would we start a blog on cookbooks but at the Introduction! We already have the people, the venue and a theme … now all we need is the date… This … Continue reading

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